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Pay nothing until we win your case. With us, all costs are covered, including fees for top-tier expert witnesses. Our dedication is unwavering: when we take your case, our goal is to secure the highest possible settlement for you. Don't wait—reach out today to protect your rights and pursue the compensation you deserve.

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I highly recommend Bob Khakshooy. He goes above and beyond and fights for every last penny that you deserve. I was using an attorney that didn't seem to be accomplishing much so I spoke with Bob and as soon as I had him represent me he started getting a lot done which was a big relief. Bob helped me settle my case for a lot more than what I expected. I would recommend him to anyone I know that needs a really good attorney.
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We have been working with this office for a few years now and there is nothing but great things to say. Shirley is by far the most helpful, competent and efficient people we have had the pleasure of working with. She has helped our medical office really make sure we have everything law offices are going to want when it comes to treating their clients. Shirley goes above and beyond to help their clients and our office!
Injured. We can help you.
Need a trusted lawyer to take care of your legal stuff. Then you came to the right person. Bob and his staff took care of me for an injury case i recently had. everything went smooth and Bob kept his words and promises even though everything was on paper. He'll go above and beyond for you. 5 Stars.
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I had a slip and fall a few years ago and my case just settled. I was surprised by the outcome because my injuries were minor but my settlement was big. Bob's team was amazing throughout the whole process. Sergio and Shirley were super cool and very knowledgeable. Corina reduced my medical bills by a lot. I was able to pay off my debts with my settlement money. I am very happy and I would recommend Bob to anyone. Thanks guys!
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Bob K. is excellent , very helpful and makes you feel like you're in good hands. With my accident case he took care of everything, he walked me through everything and we won ! Very professional and helped me more than I could ever imagine. Thanks Bob. I would highly recommend him if you're looking for an attorney.
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Since I gave my case to Bob Khakshooy I noticed their imediate attention from him and his staff. I was very happy to see that every time I called his office in regards to my case they listened to my concerns and answered all of my questions. Finally when my case was over, the results were very rewarding and I was completely satisfied with the compensation. I highly recommend Bob and his staff 100% because of their professionalism.

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Watch some of our clients recount their accident and how our firm helped them recover damages for their injuries.

If You Want the Most Money for Your Injury, Call California Attorney Group!

At California Attorney Group, we're known for refusing low-ball settlement offers from insurance companies. With our firm, you have the assurance that if necessary, we'll take your case to trial with full readiness and confidence. We leverage expert witnesses and compelling visual presentations to persuade juries and secure the maximum compensation for you.

In many cases, our reputation precedes us, prompting insurance companies to offer the settlement we seek without trial. This means you benefit either way – receiving the largest possible compensation. What's more, there's no financial risk to you when you hire us. We operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning we only get paid when you receive your settlement. Additionally, we cover all costs upfront, including those for expert witnesses, demonstrating our commitment to your case.

Don't delay. Contact us today to ensure your rights are protected and to secure the highest possible settlement.

At California Attorney Group, we're renowned for rejecting low-ball settlement offers and, if necessary, taking cases to trial with compelling arguments backed by expert witnesses and persuasive visual presentations to ensure you receive maximum compensation. Our proactive approach often results in favorable settlements without the need for trial. With us, there's no financial risk; we operate on a contingency fee basis, covering all costs, including fees for top-tier expert witnesses. Contact us today to safeguard your rights and secure the highest possible settlement for your case.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Choose the Right Lawyer for My Case?

As you decide which attorney to hire for your injury case, you need to understand the different types of personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles. The vast majority of injury lawyers are only interested in a quick settlement. They do not want to go through the expense and trouble of a jury trial, so their goal is to negotiate an easy settlement with the insurance companies.

This is NOT the best solution for an injured party who is looking for maximum compensation. To get the most money for your injury, you need to be compensated for your current injuries, but you also need to get paid to cover future medical expenses, as well as loss of income due to your injury, rehabilitation expenses, and other monies depending on your specific circumstances.

Is the Insurance Company Looking Out for Me?

Insurance companies keep talented attorneys on staff that fight personal injury claims in the courtroom.

For this reason, hiring a personal injury attorney who is NOT experienced in winning at trials can be a devastating mistake. If the insurance company will not settle for a sufficient amount without going to trial, the injured person and their family will not receive enough compensation to cover the cost of future missed work and rehabilitation...which can be a lot of money!

California Attorney Group is comprised of highly experienced personal injury attorneys who love to win for their clients at trial. Our personal injury attorneys boast a 98% success rate, which speaks volumes about their talent and dedication to fighting for their clients. You can see some of our client video testimonials here.

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